Enhance your knowledge now in PUBG Mobile

In the gaming world, PUBG MOBILE is the best action game. The game is available on both IOS and Android devices. It is developed by the famous studio Tencent Games. All the adventures are interesting and high graphical. You can make own avatar with many types of weapons. The best feature is that you can make the team with your friends and go into the battles. You can also give a unique look to your avatar. The current game version is supported to 500+ android devices. Many types of vehicle are available like a truck, a motorcycle, and many others. The missions make this game popular. It means the full game fill from the adventure.


  1. Play with friends-

With the help of Facebook, you can play with your friends. In it, you also make your team and go to fight with other teams. It is also the best way to make relation better. You can also invite your friends to play the game. This feature makes this game popular. So many missions are available for play with friends and earn the rewards.

  1. Best Graphics-

The graphics are other popular feature. The game supported high graphics. From this, all adventures look like the real adventure. The 3d map and battles are enjoyable. So it is also aa best one feature.

  1. 3D Sounds-

It is one of the best and amazing features which makes this game superior. The game support 3d sounds means at the time of task you talk with your friends via voice. You can create the contact with your friends at the time of the battle. And the sound clarity is 3d. In another way, we can say that the sound of the game is listing like real sound. So it is also the best feature of the game.

  1. Weapons-

Lots of types of weapons are available in it. With the help of weapons, you can win the match. It means the good weapons increase your winning chances. All the weapons have a unique style and different abilities. The upgrading is also available to improve the weapons performance. So it is also the best part of the features.

  1. Traveling-

In the game, many types of vehicle are available for traveling like truck, motorcycle, cars. Some time race missions are available. So it also plays an essential role in the useful features.

  1. Avatar-

The avatar is the main part. From the avatar, you take part in missions and tasks. You can also give a unique look to the avatar. Many dresses are unlocked on different levels by getting PUBG Mobile Hack. You can also provide the weapons to your avatar for events and missions.

Landing Tricks & Techniques In Rules of Survival

Landing Tricks & Techniques In Rules of Survival

Landing Tricks & Techniques In Rules of Survival


The game begins with a Para trooping scenery from an aircraft flying at a low altitude with no pre-assumed definite fixed landing coordinates.

The next job is to gear up your reflexes and get yourself located as quickly as possible in the pre-planned location or any co-ordinates which you plan to begin with.

Another interesting fact is that the players are able to join in any game that is already running for some time. It might be quite thrilling but also posses a high chance of getting knocked down as soon as you land on the ground.


Land 1 Bitter Lake:

The hottest LZ in the game.

This is the point where experience comes to play. choosing the beginning point is a serious note to the game and choosing this is surely going to give you a upper hand over the others. The most notable reasons for that are as follows:

Ø  Probably most spacy and wide location.

Ø  Available most central location providing more time to escape from landing zone.

Ø  Helps you in changing your coordinates as the game goes on shrinking into smaller circles.

Ø  This is the location with most number of available buildings and warehouses that ultimately stores variety of gears, guns, and grenades to choose from.


Land 2 Rust Bay

Bitter lake might get the benefits of being centrally located but this one have something better to offer in other dimensions. In spite of getting a short escaping time, this one is the choice for players to make some off bit strategy. This location provides the richest mines for ammunitions and armors to stock up.


Land 3 Training Base

We all know “Rosses comes with thrones”. Its the most action-packed zone next to the bitter lake. Due to the close centralized location keep your reflexes alert because you might encounter any sudden death threat standing in this zone.




Other Dropping Zones

Now all players have their in-game locations to mix and match up. Now for any MOBA, Time Rules of Survival Hack is always an important factor. so to start early in the game these locations would definitely help you to see action earlier.

1. Research Edifice: Provides high amount of Loots, rewards points and benefits to grab in

2. Safe store: One of the finest guns in the games are found scattered here and there in this particular position.

How to Become a Famous Actress

There are many women and girls all over the world wishing to become actresses. How to become a famous actress requires you to follow simple guidelines. Acting is something that is desired by many people. This is a career that not only has got good cash, but also fame. There is a stiff competition though it is healthy. It has led to the development of good skills. If you want to become an actor, then you are in the right place. Read this article carefully as it will provide you with some relevant tips for becoming an actress.

First and foremost, if you want to know how to become famous, it is recommended that you should shift to big cities. This is because in the big cities there are several acting opportunities that you can take advantage of. In the urban areas, there are many people who are likely to notice your talent. This is an important thing that can help you to climb further in the acting ladder.

The important step in starting your acting career is starting by attending a workshop. You should inquire about where acting workshops are being held so that you can attend them. Acting workshops are very important because they will help you learn what you do not know. The good news is that you will even find reputable schools that offer acting courses. It is important that you should enroll in these courses. Acting is further developed by training. It is recommended that you should go to those schools that are known for having moulded acting careers of successful actresses. The course will help to perfect your skills as a professional actress. You can search for acting school through the internet. You should go to a school that meets your needs.

One thing that you should consider when wondering how to become a famous actress is the resume. This is actually your key to success. Ensure that in your resume, you have indicated all acting experiences that you have had. If there are acting roles that you have been involved in and training courses that you have attended, you should include them there.

The main function of your manager is to market you in the showbiz industry. The manager is supposed to have unique characteristics that will help to convince the directors of your acting skills. A manager is a very important person since he/she has got the potential of help you become a popular actress.