Why We Need Best Baby Bottles For Gas?

All babies cries when they feel something hurting or uncomfortable. The most common reason for this problem is gas and colic in babies. This is not the big problem or disease that should harm the baby. Simple solution of this we can consider the best baby bottles for gas. The most common reasons why babies have gas or colic problem is, if they eat or drink liquid quickly or if they have weak digestive system and more reasons are behind there.

Which baby bottles are best to remove gas?

There are so many baby bottles in different designs in the market; it can be difficult to parents to know where to begin. Also it can be difficult or a bit daunting for a new parent. A best baby bottle for gas are designed in that way that help to reduce air intake and have slow flow of liquid. And in that shape which are closely as breastfeeding.

 Specification of a bottle of baby

There are four different pieces in a baby bottle:-

  • Nipple- The source in which every baby sucks liquid or it’s like a fake teat that your baby sucks liquid through.
  • Bottle- That holds the milk or liquid or any formula.
  • Travel Cover- It founds on the top of the bottle which prevents dirt and grime which are coming in the contact of nipple when nipple are not in the use.
  • Collar- A lid in the shape like a ring. A collar sticks and secures the nipple in place; that prevent your baby to chocking on the nipple.

Types of baby best bottles

Nowadays, there are many different types of best baby bottles for gas are made to remove the problem of gas and colic, those types are in the following ways:-

  • Angled Baby Bottle
  • Wide Neck Baby Bottle
  • Standard Baby Bottle
  • Vented Baby Bottle

So we can say that there are numerous bottle options in the market. To choose a best baby bottles for gas are those which are in shape as closely to breastfeeding and which are comfortable to child as per their requirement of shape and size.